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Caravan Gun Safes

Caravans give you huge opportunities to travel Australia but only small opportunities for firearm storage. Our high-quality, super secure caravan gun safes are the answer.

Our caravan gun safes are just the right size to be installed in caravans, cars and small spaces in homes. They’ll keep you safe against accidental discharge, unauthorised use and theft while also meeting all the requirements of Australian firearm storage laws.

When it comes to caravan gun safes, ours are the most reliable on the Aussie market. You can be confident you’ll stay safe with Total Gun Safe!


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Caravan Gun Safes – Your Options

Our caravan gun safes are the safest and best on the market. Available in two sizes – medium and large – both meet all new storage laws. And they’re designed to fit in small spaces, like in a caravan.

The medium is designed to fit three guns, and features a twin locking system and spring loaded door. It can also be installed either standing up or laying down for maximum flexibility.

The large is designed to fit up to four guns, and also complies with Australian State and Territory Firearms Storage Category A and B. In addition to the safety features of the medium version, the large also has a double-key lock, a recessed door for added security and is fully lined for added protection.

Caravan Gun Safes – Details

• Complies with all firearm storage laws
• Twin locking system
• Spring loaded door
• Fully lined interior
• Constructed of solid steel
• Double key lock – large only
• Complies with Categories A and B – large only
• Recessed door – large only
• Double key lock – large only
• Available in medium and large

Total Gun Safe FAQs


In Australia, firearms belong to different categories which govern not only their use but also how they must be secured and stored. These categories are A, B, C, D and H, and firearms used by sport hunters typically fall into Categories A and B. 

  • Category A encompasses air rifles, muzzle-loading firearms (other than pistols), blank-fire firearms at least 75 cm in length, shotgun/centre-fire rifle combinations, and other types of firearms. 
  • Category B includes repeating centre-fire rifles, muzzle-loading firearms (except for pistols), double barrel centre-fire rifles and similar firearms. 
  • Category C has semi-automatic (self-loading) firearms, shotguns (with a magazine capacity no bigger than five rounds, as well as 10 rounds) and pump action shotguns (with a magazine capacity no bigger than five rounds). 
  • Category D firearms incorporate self-loading centre fire rifles, self-loading rimfire rifles with a magazine capacity no bigger than five rounds and pump-action shotguns with a magazine capacity no bigger than five rounds. Category D also includes any firearm to which a Category C licence applies. 
  • Category H – the final category – encompasses only handguns and pistols. This type of gun must always be kept in a steel safe.

When you’re looking to buy a gun safe in Australia, you need to make sure that it complies with the different Australian State and Territory Firearms Storage Categories. Speak to our team if you’re not sure. We’re always happy to help you make the right choice!


Our primary products are high-quality gun safes. But we also offer many other firearm related products, such as combination trigger locks to fit handguns, rifles and shotguns, our deluxe 62-piece firearm cleaning kit and electronic shooting ear muffs.

For every product we sell – from gun lock safes to hoodies – we guarantee that it’s passed our team’s rigid quality assessment and is being sold at a razor thin markup. We want you to get the best at the most affordable price.

Take a look at our products page to see everything we have on offer.


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